To Live in Halls at University or to not

Yes, I am currently at university living in halls and I absolutely love it – I have made lifelong friends, despite only having just finished my first semester.

But, is living in halls all that it’s cracked up to be?

Well, I think it is, yet. As in that short period of time I have honestly learnt so many experiences that I will take with me for life. Whether it be practical skills such as cooking, buying groceries, or even just staying alive without relying on others! I have also learnt more personal, deeper skills that I have experienced for the first time.

  1. One of them being to truly be yourself, I know it sounds cringe and cliche but it is true. Going into this experience pretending to be someone you’re not, will not get you anywhere. Fair enough, we want to portray ourselves in the best light when first meeting one another, but don’t force it. It is best going into halls being you, so your flat mates won’t get any nasty surprised in the first couple of months when you turn into a crazy bitch because someone stole your milk that you wanted for your shreddies.
  2. Another useful tip is to interact, and put yourself out there. This is one thing I really wanted to achieve when first going into university – to be sociable. And honestly, I feel that I have accomplished this. Since being there, I have joined a society which I feel really helped me to gain more friends and made me feel more confident with interacting with new people. Also going out, not necessarily to get absolutely wasted and cause chaos, but even just to the pub with friends and socialise. Or even if it’s to have a weekly movie night, all of these little things will help. Honestly, if I hadn’t lived in halls in the first year of university I would nowhere have met as many people as I have. So I do sincerely recommend it if you really want to experience a good sociable life at university and get involved with other things that are not entirely academic.
  3. Another pointer that I think is crucial when living in halls, is to be cooperative. It can be hard living with six other people at times, considering because we are all of different ages, (myself being the baby of the group!) but it is easily doable. At times, you can feel claustrophobic living and sharing everything with one another, especially the kitchen! As I am quite particular about cleanliness and I like things to be tidy and put away,  but that is not going to be the case for each individual in the flat, (TRUST ME) so you just need to adapt to everyone’s personality’s in the flat, and try to cooperate accordingly.
  4. One final factor that I have found when being in halls is that everything can go mouldy. EVERYTHING. My toilet roll got mouldy and it was disgusting, plus my flat mate left his glass on the draining board for goodness knows how long and it was quite literally blue. My flatmate took one glance at it and threw up everywhere. But aside from that, living in halls is all good 🙂

I hope that this has helped anyone questioning going to university and/or living in halls. I personally am so glad that I have done it as I love all of my flat mates and love being independent. But, of course it isn’t for everyone. I know of lots of people that dropped out of halls in the first few weeks and now commute to university everyday and equally love it!

Much love,

Ellen Grace X


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