The Night Before I leave


Tomorrow I will be leaving to go back to university for a few months, and to make the last night special for my family and I whilst I’m still in their company, we make the effort collectively and partake in cute, fun activities together.

The first Activity – Make Angel Delight  – It was my favourite dessert to have as a kid, as it’s so easy and fun to make and the taste is AMAZING! (plus it’s super cheap). So I picked this up in the supermarket today as it brings me back lots of nostalgic memories at the sight of it.

HOW TO MAKE – It takes no time at all, and the taste of it is just delicious. Simply add 300ml of milk into a container, add the dessert and whisk until it’s fluffy and creamy! Leave for it to thicken for around 5 minutes (preferably in the fridge), and then you’re good to go! Yum!

angel delight

The Second Activity – Watch Crap T.V! Us and the family will watch all of our favourite T.V together all curled up in the sitting room with copious amounts of blankets on us, and the sofas reclined for that extra comfort. What we watch which will no doubt be a load of cheese! (As that is the best kind of T.V, right?) We normally catch up with programmes throughout the week, which will include ‘Take Me Out’, ‘Googlebox’ and other guilty pleasures.

The Third Activity – Roast Marshmallows! I received this roasting kit as a present for christmas and am yet to try it, however I thought considering the circumstances I would try it now, as if I attempted it in my halls of residence at university, myself and my flatmates will most likely set the flat on fire within seconds. I think it’s such an excellent, thoughtful gift, as you could choose the marshmallow flavours online, and the ones picked for me were salted caramel and lemon meringue, and OH MY GOSH! they smell absolutely amazing.


The kit is really useful as it comes with lots of skewers so you can safely roast the delicious marshmallows without burning half of your hand off in the process, plus it comes with gas to roast the marshmallows on, so you can do it inside in a safe manner which is a great benefit.

So think of me sat in my living room in pyjamas with my mum and dad, roasting marshmallows and watching cheesy T.V whilst loads of other teenagers my age are out clubbing and getting drunk. I think I chose the better option to be honest!

These are some of the things I love to do on a classic, family night. What do you like to do the most?

Much Love,

Ellen Grace X


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  1. Aww that’s so sweet! I remember when I used to come back home for Christmas or Easter we would always watch lots of old movies together, our favourites, some of which would be from as far back as my childhood. And my dad would bake his all time famous chocolate cake 🙂 it was always such a quality time together! Lovely post & totally made me miss my lot xxx


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