Key Essentials for an Evening Full of Relaxtion

We’ve all been there. It’s been a horrid, stressful day and all you want to do is curl into a ball and cry. Well, the best solution is of course to have a relaxing pamper evening. Here are some tips for the perfect one!

  1. Have a Warm Shower/Bath

I adore both showers and baths for different reasons. Baths are great to soak in, read a book and just simply relax in the midst of bubbles. Whereas showers are a lot quicker, amazing to sing in and have some deep, meaningful thoughts. However, both serve the same purpose and leave you feeling squeaky clean!

 2. Get Cosy in your favourite PJ’s!

Now that you feel a bit more fresh and clean, whack on some clean pyjamas. They instantly add so much comfort and feel and smell amazing. I love putting on clean pjs and makes my day that little bit better, (I realise how sad I am).


 3. Enjoy Some Snacks 

Healthy or unhealthy, snacks are vital on a pamper evening. On this occasion I went for strawberries, melted chocolate, marshmallows, cookies and mini rolls (there were three of us don’t worry, i’m not trying to eat myself into a coma!)



 4. Watch Crap Movies

Watching some sort of rom-com, or cheesy movie is an essential part in your pamper evening, they will make you feel relaxed and all fuzzy inside which is the best. tcl


 5. Apply a Face Mask

After the horrible week, there’s nothing better than applying a face mask on and letting your skin repair itself after its endured all the stresses and worries from the week. I used a Clinique mud mask, (and got it everywhere in the process!) to take it off I used a flannel and warm water. It left my face feeling really soft and squeaky clean, as it was deep cleanse one, it got rid of all the impurities in my pores and de-clogged my face. Yummy.

 6. Cleanse Your Face

Once you have taken off your mud face mask and your skin feels super smooth you want to cleanse just so you feel that extra better, your skin deserves to be pampered every now and again. To cleanse I used the Nuxe Paris Ultra-Rich Cleansing Gel, which I adore as it smells of honey and takes my make up off really well without drying my face. It’s also great as it’s all natural ingredients which makes buying it that extra bit more satisfying.


 7. Read your Favourite Book

One of my favourite parts to my relaxation night is to get all snugged up in bed and spend an hour or so reading a book before bed. It makes me so much more relaxed and chilled as there is no technology or bright screens involved. Instead, its you and a book. I am currently reading ‘The Orchid Thief’ by Susan Orlean which is so interesting and a great read!


 7. Have an Early Night

After you’ve spent a short while reading, it’s time to have an early night and go to sleep so you can wake in the morning nice and early feeling all refreshed, whilst all your friends have been out the night before, going to bed the same time you wake up. I knew whose situation i’d rather be in!


What do you tend to go on a relaxation night after a stressful week?

Much love,

Ellen Grace X


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