Signs That You’re Addicted to Makeup

Makeup… to your average girl it’s just something that you apply as part of your daily routine at the beginning of the day. You flick a bit of mascara on your lashes and head out the door, rushing to tend to your daily routine. However, to makeup lovers, applying your makeup everyday is the most satisfying thing. Particularly if you’re trying out a new product for the first time, slowly pulling away the packaging and opening up that bad boy for the first time is one of the most pleasant feelings. Although you’re too scared to touch the product in case you ruin the perfect embellishment. (Or is that just me being weird?)

You know you’re obsessed with all things makeup when you wake up and look forward to applying your daily makeup. It’s not seen as a chore, instead it’s a time to make yourself look and feel that extra bit better. The thought excites me that my face is a blank canvas and I can paint it how I want, with the colours and brands that I desire.

(Taken from Google images)

You know you’re obsessed with makeup when you come home for the day and spend hours aimlessly flicking through Youtube watching all the makeup tutorials under the sun, or learning how to do a new tip or technique on how to get the best colour combo with your Naked 2 Palette, or even watching reviews on something you desire to buy. It’s so great just reading about makeup and looking up other people’s opinions on it.

naked pallette

You know you’re obsessed with makeup when you can easily spend hours on your favourite brands’ website looking at the new arrivals, or in any drugstore skimming the rows and spending far too long swatching lipsticks onto your hand, trying to find that perfect shade.

You know you’re obsessed with makeup when you look at your entire collection and realise you’ve probably spent equivalent to a years worth of rent on a house. (That sickens me a bit) But then you look at your highlighter collection and you feel that little bit better as you know every penny you’ve spent is worth it.

You know you’re obsessed with makeup when you have way too many of the same product. I hoard makeup so much, it’s awful. But there’s still a little bit of product still left in that £20 concealer pot and I know I will use it.. eventually. (Among the other twelve stacked up in my drawer!)

You know you’re obsessed with makeup when you have 7 of the same mascaras that promise to do the same thing, or 8 dupes of the same Nude shade, (but they’re all slightly different, right?) It’s the same thing every time you buy another makeup item, that when you’re in the process of buying that blusher you know you have 5 others at home that do the same job, but you promise yourself that this one is that little bit different.. Plus it’s high-end so it’s bound to be the best.. right?


You know you’re obsessed with makeup when you self-consciously look at other people when they’re talking and you think how you would of done their makeup. *I would love to blend your eyeshadow in just that little bit more* or *You just need to add your eyeliner up, that gap is really annoying*… etc. It’s a bad habbit but it just happens.

What signs do you have that shows you’re a makeup addict?

Much Love,

Ellen Grace X




  1. I love this, it pretty much shows every sign of my make up addiction. I also shove my powder, bronzer, highlighter and all the other amazing products in my bag, every single day. Knowing that it’s gonna make my bag heavy and that I’m going to forget to use them…


    1. I’m so glad you can relate and I’m not some crazy girl that’s in love with her makeup – ha! At least you know you’re with your fav products at all times though, right? xx


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