Life Update!

I genuinely cannot get over that I haven’t posted in three months. I really enjoy writing and customising my blog, but over the past few months every-day life has really taken over and in turn meant that my blog has been pushed to the back of my mind.

However, I am now back from halls and into my family home for the whole summer! I moved back last month, and am already missing university and all of my uni friends so much. But, I have dedicated this summer into my blog and am aiming to write as much as possible.

So, to start, the past few months have been a great whirl-wind in my life, for both positive and negative reasons. Firstly, myself and my boyfriend have split after being together for a year and a half. This was a tough decision but we are both happier separate. It has been hard adjusting to my new form of life as expected, but it’s ok.

Secondly, I finished my first year at university! This feels so weird to type as I feel like I only started and moved into my flat a few months ago. I am really sad I have had to move out of halls and will miss my flatmates dearly. This means I am going to be entering my second year in September, therefore meaning that these next two years actually count. It is going to be hard saying goodbye to going out most weekday nights and rocking up to my 9am lecture with the same make up I wore out the night before. (disgusting I know).

Thirdly, it is Summer time now! This means I am going to try and spend my time wisely. Typically, my Summer’s are spent lazing about and being a slob. However, this year I am going to be productive and try to get myself back on track. Since being at uni my diet was horrendous, which was expected as I was a poor student that ate anything as long as it looked half decent. Because of this, I have set myself a goal to work out 3-5 times a week so I can get my body back on track.

I also want to explore and do as much as possible this Summer. Albeit, English weather can be very unpredictable, but I want to explore and really leave my comfort zone so I can make a Summer I won’t forget in a hurry!

Anyway, enough of me rambling on. How are you? What have I missed over the past three months?

Much love,

Ellen Grace X


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