Well its been a while since I have sat down to a write a blog post, and my gosh have I missed it! It angers me that I haven’t taken the time out to actually focus on my blog; something I really enjoy doing.

However, new year new me and all that crap… I am going to start blogging all over again as it brings me so much joy and writing is one of my favourite things!

So, to put you up to speed, I am off to France on Sunday and am flying on my own for the first time EVER (I’ll let you know how that goes). My boyfriend is currently doing a ski season over there at the moment so I am going over to join him for a week, and try my best to learn to ski (hold the laughter)

Anyhow, my first thought when I was told that I am going to be in the snow for a week was; ‘WHAT ABOUT MY MAKE UP?’ as snow and black mascara is not a good combination.

Because of this I thought I would treat myself to eyelash extensions! I’ve had them in the past but a long time ago so completely forgot how magical they feel. I’ve had them on for about 4 hours now and I cannot get enough. I went with a new technician today too and she so thorough and brilliant!

So, for those who don’t know what eyelash extensions are; they are synthetic lashes that are glued using a semi permanent adhesive onto each individual lash to make your lashes look 100% more voluminous and thick. The process does not hurt and it takes around 2 hours for a full set. If you look after the lash extensions well they can last anywhere between 3-6 weeks before needing infills. However I have heard  stories that some women are able to look after their lashes so well that they last 3 months before infills?! That’s some kind of wizardry.

The process does not hurt one bit (actually it’s quite relaxing). Firstly, the beautician will clean your eyelids with a cleaners, then she/he will apply a gel pad that separates your bottom and top lashes together to prevent them from sticking together. After that your beautician will ask what length you would like; I believe I had 9 and 11mm on my lashes which to me is the perfect length.

After the process is complete your beautician will give you a spoolie so you can brush through your lashes each day to keep them in good condition and all facing in the direction they should be. Altogether it cost £55 but it varies between each salon, however I highly recommend having lash extensions as it makes me feel so much more feminine and it means I don’t have to bother with mascara each day which is a complete bonus!

I promise to keep posting from now on as I’ve missed ya all lots!


Much love,

Ellen Grace xo


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