So my boyfriend is currently loving life in the alps somewhere in France, whilst I’m sat on my bed in Hampshire attempting to do an essay, reminiscing on that time I fell over so badly mid-skiing I started crying (not embarrassing at all)

He’s currently doing a ski season, so last Sunday I jetted off to see him! We went five weeks without seeing each other and my gosh it was hard. Going from seeing each other pretty much everyday and booking spontaneous holidays, to very little contact for over a month is something I was not prepared for.

I travelled by myself from Gatwick airport to Grenoble and I felt so accomplished I did it all by myself! (Apart from crying at Gatwick when I saw my mum and dad when I came home) But at least I didn’t lose my suitcase, right?

Whilst I was over there I caught the best snapshots – Skiing really is such a beautiful sport. I mean I was on the nursery slopes for about three days, but even during then I could not help but compliment the amazing views every five minutes. However, when I did actually go further than 2 metres off the ground, the views were even more spectacular!

Here a few shots I managed to get in between falling over and making a tit of myself! skiing-5skiing-4skiing-3skiingskiing-7

Being in this kind of environment for a whole week was just amazing; where there was a constant supply of snow and amazing alps with a bright sunshine beaming down on you whilst you ski all day…. It’s a tiny bit different to rainy, grey, dissapointing England.

What’s your favourite thing about the snow?

Much Love,

Ellen Grace X


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