I have had my eyelash extensions on for just over 2 weeks now and I am still so in love with them as I was to begin with. Inevitably there are a few gaps where they’ve naturally fallen out during the shower or when I brush them, but apart from that they are still pretty damn gorgeous.

However, when I got them I was a bit curious as to how I would adapt my make up with these on, especially after copious amounts of Google searching, I found that it was best for me to avoid liquid eyeliner as it involves getting really close to the part where the adhesive is, so trying to wash the eyeliner off will in turn just rub the adhesive glue off, which means no more lashes, and a sad Ellen.

So, last night I went for a night out with my friend and thought I’d show you how I do my makeup with lash extensions on!


Typically, on a night out I would apply eyeshadow and/or eyeliner; however, I felt like with these lashes on it isn’t really necessarily.


Instead I just opted for a more natural look, so instead I popped a bit of my trusty Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer on my lids to make them look less veiny and red. I then put a tiny bit of Laura Mercier Translucent Powder on top of that to avoid any creasing.

I then used added a couple of coats of my No. 7 Lash Impact Mascara to my bottom lashes to make them stand out more.

And that’s my eye makeup done! It saves so much time getting ready and still looks like i’ve made a bit of effort!

What’s your GO TO makeup look for when you hit the town?

Much Love,

Ellen Grace

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