During the summer of 2016, (I know it seems like a lifetime ago) I visited Italy, Rome, for the first time.

Whilst I was flicking through my photos one dull evening, I realised that I should share the beauty of Rome and what my boyfriend and I got up to during our 72 hour stay in Rome.

Firstly, the views in Rome are outstanding; particularly from Palatine Hill, although it is fairly steep and pretty much exhausted me. It’s located next to the Roman Forum, and only a short walk from the Colosseum.


The next major tourist attraction that we HAD to visit was, of course, the Colosseum, and I was not disappointed. We bought our tickets at a box office just a short walk away from the Colosseum which was for both the Roman Forum, Palatine Hill and the Colosseum, this also included a tour guide in the Colosseum too. I would definitely recommend doing it this way as it was cheaper, plus we skipped a massive queue at the Colosseum and instead walked straight in.

The tour guide was excellent too. The information she told all of us was incredible, and made the experience a lot more fulfilling!


Another huge ‘to do’ when in Rome is to visit Trevi Fountain. This was one of the most incredible experiences ever. We went at night time because we thought it would be less busy. We were wrong. Trevi fountain is always packed; however, this didn’t spoil the magic of it.

(Excuse the soppy picture!)


Vatican City is A MUST! Be careful though, you need to have your shoulders and knees covered to enter. We didn’t realise this and so had to buy tragic ‘Roma’ scarfs and wrap them around us in 35 degree weather. Such a rookie mistake!

However it didn’t stop us from having a great time. Another recommendation is finding a tour guide before you enter,¬†luckily enough, we saw on Trip Advisor recommendations of which tour guide company to go with, and we were not disappointed. They were easy to find as there are lots of men walking around with signs. It’s fairly expensive but it meant we skipped queues that were hours long, and we had priority access to a lot more other perks.

Plus, our tour guide was hilarious and extremely informative!


Finally, a major perk to this short break was the food!

I recommend eating in places that are further away from the centre of main attractions as the prices are a lot more expensive there. Instead, go to little back streets a few minutes away from tourist-based areas, as they still serve the same great quality food but at half the price!

Plus, if you go, definitely try the Gelato. As you can see, they have an extensive range of flavours which makes it almost impossible to pick!

Heres a few snaps of what we ate


Have you got anymore tips and tricks to make the perfect city break?

Much Love,

Ellen Grace x



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