You want to make your makeup last during your stressful, long day, without having to worry your shiny or oily? Then the difference between compressed or loose powder may determine this.


Both powders have the same function; to even out skin tones and to absorb oil. However, they both have their advantages and disadvantages.

My personal preference is using loose powder. Specifically Laure Mercier Loose Translucent Setting Powder. After foundation and concealer I pop a bit under my eyes, next to my nose, on my forehead and chin and leave it there for around 5-10 minutes. Otherwise known as baking. Then after I have finished the rest of my makeup, I will sweep it off with my Real Techniques Setting Brush, and it will leave my face looking more flawless and prevents my makeup from creasing. However, because loose powder contains more oils than compressed powder, it can leave the face looking a tad cakey on oily parts of the face.


Compressed powder has its advantages as it’s practical due to it being easily portable. It tends to come in a small, compact container that can easily fit into your handbag, like the infamous Rimmel London Stay Matte powder. This therefore means touchups are easier with compressed powder. Whereas loose powder is an absolute nightmare to take with you as it is so fine and powdery! Even when i’m applying it at my dressing table I still manage to leave a small trace of white powder all over the surface, which is a tad annoying. Plus, when i’m applying the powder on my face I end up in a white, powdery haze for a few seconds. (But that might just mean I use too much)

Compressed powder is more suitable for those who only apply a few products on the face as it gives a less heavier coverage if using it with a brush. Plus the application time is also a lot more rapid than loose powder. Simply swirl your brush in the compressed powder and pat it into the skin.Whereas with loose powder I find it takes more time due to the fiddly application. But, I have found that loose powder definitely gives the best results. I’ve tried many compressed powders over the years and they have never had the same effect as the loose powder that I use everyday.


With loose powder, I find it leaves my chin looking as though my foundation has gone to the surface of my skin and it’s really smeary. Whereas loose powder keeps my foundation intact for the whole day. It’s also a bonus for those with bad eye circles as it gives more coverage, which means it cancels them pesky blue tones out!


Do you know of a really good compressed powder or loose powder I should try?

Much Love,

Ellen Grace X




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