I am currently in a long distance relationship as my boyfriend is in the midst of doing a ski season in France. I went out and visited him early January; but he wont be returning home until mid April.

Although at times it can be extremely hard, there are also some positive factors that have come from it which you may have also found if you are also in the same situation as I am.

You Appreciate Each Other More

You may not talk as much to your other half as you would if they were at home, but, when you do it’s the best thing ever. It may be the occasional Whatsapp or phone call, but when you end up finally calling one another it is the best half an hour ever. You come off the phone feeling a lot happier and revitalised. This is why you’re together; because when you do end up talking, you chat away about the most random shit and end up laughing, and rekindling that spark that may have briefly dwindled away.

You Can Focus On Other Things

When he first went, I was so lost as I thought he was the be-all and end-all. My life revolved around him, and we spent most of our time together. However, after the initial shock of not texting or seeing him every night, I realised I can make a positive out of a negative and instead focus on other things, instead of looking at old photos and pining after him in bed.

So thats when I started focusing on my blog more, and it has made me a lot happier getting back into the blogging community. Focusing on something new and fun has completely changed my mindset. Before, I would usually be wondering, ‘what he is up to now? Is he having fun?’ However, now my main focus is my blog, it has altered my outlook and thought process and instead wonder, ‘what can my next blog post be about? How can I change X Y Z to make it better so my readers find it more interesting/enjoyable?’ etc etc.

You Learn To Trust Each Other A Lot 

Although we speak pretty much every day, we don’t always know what’s going on with one another and the people they spend time with. And that is totally ok, because we trust one another so much, that it doesn’t matter.

As he is doing a ski season, it means he goes out most nights and doesn’t get back home until the early morning, this means that I don’t have the urge to wait up for him, instead I go to bed thinking that if anything happened to him, he would make the best decision and not make any silly mistakes.

Trust is super important in a relationship, as without it, there isn’t really a relationship. Plus, nobody wants to spend all their time worrying about someone.. It’s exhausting, and you’re probably over-thinking something that’s minor. If he/she is serious about you, then you need to take their word for it. Take a step back, and if they do do something you’re not happy with, then you know she/he is not the right person for you, and you can learn from it.

When You Do See One Another, You Have The Best Time

Like I said earlier, I went out to France and visited him a few weeks ago, and it was the best thing ever! We spent a whole week together pretty much in one another’s company, and it is just so nice and refreshing knowing that after being away for so long, you’re still the same couple, and they are the same person you fell in love with.

When you’re together, I found that it also reiterates why you’re together, and how well you get on. It’s the best feeling in the world, and confirms that the distance is so worth what you have with your special someone.

I’ve only listed a couple of things that I have found as beneficial when you’re in a long distance relationship, but there are so many others!

Have you ever been in a long distance relationship? If so, how did you find it?

Much Love,

Ellen Grace X



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