via Daily Prompt: Resist

Recently, there has been a lot of controversy on the news about women and makeup, regarding whether it is deemed as ‘unprofessional’ if you do not wear makeup to work.

As well as this being completely sexist and rude, it is also damn right wrong for an employer to disregard somebody from their work simply because they have not applied a bit of mascara, or bothered filling in their eyebrows.

This got me thinking; however, that I pretty much alway wear makeup whenever I go to leave the house, albeit if it is to go to university, a friends house, or even to pop down to my local supermarket to pick up something quickly.

But, why do girls feel the need to wear makeup?

Is it because we want to look our best all the time, or is it because we feel intimidated by seeing manicured and well-groomed females, which may make you feel inferior to her Or maybe, it’s simply because you might see somebody you know, and you live in fear or being judged simply because your bags aren’t concealed away.

Recently, I have resisted the urge to apply makeup every morning, and have completely stopped wearing makeup to university, or when I go out. And let me tell you, it feels so good. Knowing that you have an extra 30-60 minutes in the morning that can be spent or more productive things, like sleeping (yay!), or spending time more productively.

Also, there’s nothing more revitalising than knowing your face is not clogged with layers of foundation and other products that, lets face it, aren’t all that great for your skin. Instead it can breathe and be clog-free!

Don’t get me wrong, I love makeup and I love applying it as it can make me feel better about myself, and I love experimenting with different brands and products. However, I just don’t like knowing that females feel compelled to wear makeup daily. I don’t want girls to see makeup as a chore. When it’s not. It’s a hobby!

Do whatever you want to do, and look however you want to look.

If you love applying makeup everyday and see it as being enjoyable, then great! If you see makeup as a chore, and something you feel like you have to do for work, then that’s wrong. It’s not. Makeup does not define you as a person, and does not determine how you should be treated in the workplace or in everyday life.

So what if a colleague or class mate asks you if ‘you’re ok’ or that ‘you look tired’ when you have no makeup on. At least you feel happy doing whatever you’re doing, and you got an extra hours sleep!

Next time you wake up a little later, perhaps think twice if you want to rush your makeup routine, why not instead, look in the mirror and think ‘I look good just as I am’, and instead just skip that part of your routine and do something more worthwhile. I know i’ve been doing that a lot recently, and will continue to do so in the future!

Much Love,

Ellen Grace X



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