I know what you’re thinking, surely having long hair isn’t that much aggravation? Well think again, its not all sassy hair-swishing and cute hairstyles…

Truth Number 1: Washing it takes an age

When you have long hair, you dread washing it. The thought of using about half a tub of shampoo and conditioner just to reach the ends of your hair saddens you (and gives you arm ache). Then, just when you think it’s over, you realise you have to spend another 20 minutes drying it!

There’s nothing more tedious than standing in the same spot and just waving a hairdryer in your face constantly. Why not air-dry it you say? Well if you still want to have sopping wet hair when you wake up then, sure!

Truth Number 2: Putting bags on your shoulders are never the same

You get up to leave, you go to put your bag on your shoulder, and then you realise half of your hair is stuck underneath the strap.

You then continue to do a funny shoulder-head dance to quickly move your hair and stop it from pulling on your scalp. As i’m sure you can imagine, it’s super sexy 😉

Truth Number 3: The ends of your hair will get messy

The amount of times i’ve been on nights out, looked down only to find the ends of my hair in a an alcoholic pile of goodness-knows-what. Trust me, it’s not a great look, and it leaves my hair in one massive clump of stickiness!

 Truth Number 4: Your drains will get blocked 

We all know what it’s like, you’re in the midst of washing your hair, strands after strands of hair starts to come out and lock to your fingers, well when you have crazy long hair, it gradually turns to clumps after clumps of hair coming out, which is both kind of worrying but also oddly satisfying.

Only to then realise a few minutes later that the copious amounts of fluff balls that have exited the shower/bath have only been clogged in the plug for the past 5 months. Ahh, that explains why it takes forever for the bath/shower to drain.

Truth Number 5: Brushing your hair makes you want to cry

I personally only brush my hair once a day, as it is such a long process and can be painful! However, I still dread this one time of day. Especially when its been down all day, been attacked by the wind twice, has some reminiscence of food left in it and is super knotty.

I have to brush the same parts like fives time over just to ensure my hair is tangle-free, and I can finally run my hands through my hair without hitting a knot and pulling my head.

However, this only lasts for a couple of minutes. As the next time you try and stroke your hair, its somehow intertwined and knotty already! But how? I’ve been sat in the same spot and haven’t moved? How is that possible for hair to get tangled to nothing?

It sounds like torture doesn’t it? Its not all that bad, at least it keeps me warm during the winter!

What’s your favourite/worst thing about long hair?

From one long-haired gal, to you!

Much Love,

Ellen Grace X





  1. I’d love to have long hair problems lol mine just takes soooooo long to grow doesn’t help that I always get bored and end up with a graduated bob but this time I’m trying to grow for my wedding it’s past my shoulders now so I wonder how long I can make it before I get the urge to snip! Xxx


      1. I had a short bob cut few years ago and love it too much, but I look like a Korean boy too much XD So I want to try super long hair. I may cut it after I took a picture for record XD Let’s see. I may love it.


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