There’s nothing more frustrating than spending hours on a really well thought out, interesting blog post for only a few people to read, right? You think you deserve more traffic for all the effort and hours you put into your blog. Well I may have the answer – Pinterest.

Pinterest is different to Twitter and Facebook as it is not a conventional social media platform. Instead it’s a way for promoting your blog through enticing photos and bringing more traffic through clicks.

Here are 6 ways Pinterest can help boost traffic to your blog…

1- Your account type

I recommend creating a business account on Pinterest, as opposed to a personal account. It’s free and means that you can look at analytics and what photos appeal to your audience the most, and what is classed as a ‘rich pin’. If you just have an ordinary account, that’s fine, you can easily change it to a business one, and it does not affect your boards or pins.


As you can see from my analytics page, out of my top pin impressions, three of the photos here are my own content. This shows what my audience enjoys the most, which is beauty related pictures regarding what products I enjoy the most. Because of this, I can adapt my photos and titles as this is what appeals to my audience.

2- Create a ‘My Blog’ board

Creating a ‘My blog’ board with interesting photos that show off your blog and what it has to offer, will entice your followers to click the board. This means putting fun, colourful and interesting photos that promote your blog and encourage people to click on it. This is mainly done by uploading photos that have a clear instruction of what you’ll get out of clicking this photo.

For example, this photo clearly states what this blog post will be about, due to the text and the relevant image behind it.

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 18.46.58.png

3 – Have a clear bio

A key aspect to Pinterest is to be straightforward and clear in your bio. Let your followers know what you do, what your blog is about, and where they can find it. This way, it allows your followers to get clear, concise information about you and what you’re about, which in turn will encourage your followers to click the button!


4 – Link photos

Whenever you are uploading a picture, always remember to put in the ‘destination URL’ box, your website link. That means if somebody clicks on the photo, it’ll go straight to your blog/website, and brings in more traffic.

5 – Make your pins easy to find

The most important way for your pin to get ‘out there’ is to use relevant key words in the description of your post. I stress the term relevant, as if there are random, irrelevant photos to what you’re looking for, people won’t click on them. That means if somebody searches for example, ‘sunsets’, they will find your content and save it to one of their boards if it fits the description. If you find it easier, hashtag in the description to ensure you are being concise.

6 – Position your boards at the top

One of the most important features on Pinterest, is to put the boards you want your audience to see at the top. That means having whatever you’re selling or promoting at the top of your page so your followers see them.

For example, on my blog I have ‘My blog’ and ‘my travel endeavours’ as my top two boards, as they are boards with my own content on that my followers will see and be interested in. This means my followers are more likely to click boards that are at the top of my page, and save the pins.

Also another handy tip is to have clear titles for board names. You don’t want to confuse your followers with an ‘out-there’ board name. Instead be concise and straight to the point as to what your board is about.


I’ve only had my Pinterest account for a short while, but as you can see my average monthly viewers of my account is 401. This means that my blog photos can be seen by a lot of people, and therefore increases my traffic!


Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 18.32.54.png

Have you found that Pinterest adds more traffic to your blog too?

Much Love,

Ellen Grace X





  1. iv got a pintrest account but barely use it, and wouldn’t even get how to set it all up and actually use it for the benefit of my blog, I’m good with computers but it takes me a while before things slip into place x


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