KAVOS 2017

A few months ago my best friend and I spontaneously booked a 5-day holiday to Kavos, Greece, for some well-needed relaxation and to let ourselves go with a couple (maybe more) cocktails by our side.

I personally have always wanted to do a classic ‘girl’s holiday’. They looked fun and wild. Well I definitely wasn’t wrong. I’ll tell you why..

We landed in Corfu, about an hour from Kavos and was greeted off the plane with a blast of hot wind. That’s definitely the most satisfying thing going abroad; leaving the mundane weather behind. We then arrived at our hotel at midnight. We stayed in a studio that was mediocre at best. But hey! it was all part of the experience.

We then immediately hit the strip. This was something i’d never experienced before. If you’re unaware of what a strip is, it is a long road filled with clubs and bars on either side. After having copious amounts of cocktails and shots, we were ready to hit the bars!

Doing this for 5 days consecutively does get absolutely knackering, but I had an absolute blast. There was always something going on, day and night. Be it boat parties, paint parties, pool parties, all the different variations of parties, I did and had the best time.


The beaches in Kavos were actually very nice too. Most days we would normally sun-bathe around the pool; however, a dip in the sea every few hours felt so good!


We stayed in a ‘party hotel’ which meant that there was always something going on 24/7 and the pool was always manic.


All in all I had an AMAZING time, despite it being extremely exhausting, I had the best time and made lots of friends in the process! (we may be in the process of booking Ayia Napa for next year).

Have you ever been on a mad holiday before?

Much Love,

Ellen Grace xo

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