On the 24th July, I will be travelling all around South East Asia with my boyfriend for 7 weeks and I could not be anymore excited!

Considering I leave on Monday, I feel very unprepared. I got my injections a few weeks back; I only received Typhoid as I had my Hepatitis A and B boosters not too long ago. I thought they would cost me a fair amount of money, but they were free which I was chuffed about! I could have had extra ones such as Rabies, but the Sister suggested it’s not necessary as I am going to low-risk areas. It also means i’m going to be extra careful around the stray animals.


Over the past few weeks I’ve been accumulating various creams, lotions, and medical kits to ensure we are going to be safe and organised for anything that may come at us. I know that there’s a lot of shops and malls across SE Asia and everything is pretty cheap; I still can’t help myself buying any kind of bite cream or various forms of plasters (I’m going crazy).


I stop-over in Abu Dhabi for a few hours en route. It’s a shame it’s a short stop-over as I would have loved to explore Abu Dhabi and see what it has to offer. But instead we’re just going to chill in the airport and have a browse through duty-free. After my 12 hour flight I will land in Bangkok and spend 5 days there.

I’m unsure what to expect of Bangkok. I’ve heard from various places that it is very busy (as expected), there are very little driving laws, and it smells. However, I cannot wait to immerse myself into the culture and to explore their lifestyles.

One thing I cannot wait to do is the floating markets. Despite having to wake up ludicrously early, I’ve never experienced sailing down a market and for people to sell their stock out of boats. It’s also renowned for its amazing food. They cook to order on a boat. How insane is that???

After Bangkok we are then going to explore the ‘party’ islands; the first stop is Phuket, which is one of the larger party islands in Thailand, which is ideal for spending all night partying, and relaxing on Patong Beach during the day. Secondly is Koh Tao, where I’m also going to learn how to dive! I’ve recently bought a go pro so will hopefully be able to share my amazing experience! I’m also visiting Koh Phangan, which is home to the Full Moon Party. This is a tremendous event in Thailand, and i’ve heard it’s a great night. Also perfect for lively bars, a lot of alcohol, and all kinds of clubs. Koh Samui is renowned for its beautiful array of beaches. They also host similar parties to that of the Full Moon Party, which i’m sure I will experience too.

Amongst all of this I will also be exploring Malaysia, Vietnam and Singapore!

I cannot wait to get back and share my experience with you.

Similarly, if you have any advice/tips, please feel free to share them! I’d love to know if you have any suggestions of places to go.

Much Love,

Ellen Grace xo


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