After endless years of going into Boots and Superdrug, rummaging my way through their countless products, purchasing a mediocre mascara and for it to be sat in my drawer is now over. Because i’ve finally found the best drugstore mascara!


Meet L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes. This is the best mascara i’ve ever used. Better than any high-end product. Not only does it layer on amazingly, it is also perfect if you want a more natural looking mascara. Volume Million Lashes is extremely easy to apply and leaves no residue or clumps of black clinging around your eyes.

This product also has amazing staying-power. I *accidentally* slept with it on overnight, and in the morning my eyes looked just as good as the night before. But that doesn’t mean that it’s a nightmare to wash off. Using a face wash takes it right off which is really great.


I really like this wand because it’s fairly small and not very bushy. The tiny bristles allows every lash to be coated with ease. Due to the small sized wand, it means it’s also perfect to do your bottom lashes without spots of mascara getting everywhere.


I also found that this mascara was a perfect consistency. It wasn’t too wet which meant that I had blobs of mascara everywhere, but then it wasn’t really dry which meant there weren’t any clumps. Instead, the mascara liquid dried within minutes.

This product would also be ideal for those with watery eyes. My eyes stream all day long and typically my mascara would smudge. However, this product stays put all day long without any smearing!


This is with three coats of mascara on. I found I got the best results by applying a thin coat to begin with – leaving it for a few minutes, and then keep applying coats until you get your desired look.

Naturally, I have very straight lashes; however a few coats of this mascara leaves my lashes looking voluminous and thick.

If you’re looking for a mascara that quickly adds length, volume and thickens your lashes, then look no further.

Have you got any mascaras that you recommend?

Much Love,

Ellen Grace xo





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