When I used to look at my dressing table I used to feel a sense of dismay due to the lack of organisation. It used to consist of a grubby makeup bag which was filled with foundation stains and goodness-knows-what. Inside of this was just a heap of makeup. There was no order to it whatsoever. Most of the products in the bag I hadn’t touched in over 6 months, or had even run out.

So, about 6 months ago I realised it was time to take charge and organise my extensive makeup collection.


First things first, was finding what storage to buy. Surprisingly this was pretty easy. I simply typed it ‘Acrylic makeup storage’ into Amazon and hundreds of items similar to this was shown. I had a rough idea of what I wanted to get from watching KUWTK, as they all have a similar, acrylic (no doubt more expensive) make up storage.

I believe this was around £20; however, I bought it on a deal as originally it was around £50. But Amazon have deals going on all the time so its worth checking regularly.

I found one similar here




The top of the storage is great for perfumes that you don’t necessarily want to put in a drawer but instead balance on top for easy access for when you’re rushing out the door.

I use the top drawer for my favourites palettes as it is a perfect shape for them.


The second drawer consists of a variety of things; my dipbrow pomade, eyeshadow glitter, pressed powder, highlighters and bronzers.


In the two drawers below I store my favourite lip products, whether its lip glosses, lipsticks, or liquid lipsticks. It’s so handy for them all to be together as it only takes me a short while to rummage for a certain product I want.


The bottom draw is quite a miscellaneous draw. In there you’ll find my Laura Mercier setting powder, Clinique moisturiser, ABH contour kit, and my Ted Baker bronze and blush compact. (Plus some hair ties)


I then got this pot from Ikea (which is actually meant to be a plant pot)

Plus, i’ve only just noticed all of the makeup residue that has gotten on the wall from my brushes, woops, I’m not going to be in my Dad’s good books!

How do you store your makeup? Do you have any tips or tricks?

Much Love,

Ellen Grace X


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