KAVOS 2017

A few months ago my best friend and I spontaneously booked a 5-day holiday to Kavos, Greece, for some well-needed relaxation and to let ourselves go with a couple (maybe more) cocktails by our side.

I personally have always wanted to do a classic ‘girl’s holiday’. They looked fun and wild. Well I definitely wasn’t wrong. I’ll tell you why..

We landed in Corfu, about an hour from Kavos and was greeted off the plane with a blast of hot wind. That’s definitely the most satisfying thing going abroad; leaving the mundane weather behind. We then arrived at our hotel at midnight. We stayed in a studio that was mediocre at best. But hey! it was all part of the experience.

We then immediately hit the strip. This was something i’d never experienced before. If you’re unaware of what a strip is, it is a long road filled with clubs and bars on either side. After having copious amounts of cocktails and shots, we were ready to hit the bars!

Doing this for 5 days consecutively does get absolutely knackering, but I had an absolute blast. There was always something going on, day and night. Be it boat parties, paint parties, pool parties, all the different variations of parties, I did and had the best time.


The beaches in Kavos were actually very nice too. Most days we would normally sun-bathe around the pool; however, a dip in the sea every few hours felt so good!


We stayed in a ‘party hotel’ which meant that there was always something going on 24/7 and the pool was always manic.


All in all I had an AMAZING time, despite it being extremely exhausting, I had the best time and made lots of friends in the process! (we may be in the process of booking Ayia Napa for next year).

Have you ever been on a mad holiday before?

Much Love,

Ellen Grace xo


Eyebrows can be tricky to get right. I know how it goes, one of them looks perfect. Like if they were a person, they’d be someone who wakes up at 7am every morning and goes for runs and eats smoothies. Then you do the other one… which looks as though it represents someone who gets up at noon and slobs around all day and looks a shambles. I know the feeling too.

After years of having such mediocre slugs across my face, i’ve realised there’s a knack to eyebrows, which I wish someone told me all those years ago.

So, let me take you back to where it all started.. back in 2015, when I was a naive young girl who thought drawing on your eyebrows just meant finding the darkest product possible and using as much product to make them really stand out was a great idea. Well I was most definitely wrong. Here’s a snippet of what I looked like (yes I did used to go out in public like this) –


But here are my current brows..


I don’t know about you but I see a major improvement in the second picture! Here are my steps to how I’ve improved my eyebrows:

1- Brush Them Brows!

Brushing your brows is so important! Spooley brushes are very inexpensive, and are great for using to determine your eyebrow shape. They also help to determine where your brow begins, the arch, and where they finish if you are a beginner and aren’t sure where to fill them in.

With spooley brushes, they can create an unruly, messy brow look which can look really great, or they can be used to tame your wild brows for a more casual look, which can also look just as pretty.

I also use spooley brushes after i’ve applied product in them to distribute the product and make it look more natural.


That’s right, get some decent tweezers and pluck hairs that look a bit messy. This does not necessarily mean plucking every single hair under your eyebrow so that it leaves you with tiny eyebrows. Sometimes plucking less is more. Trust me. You do not want really thing, sperm-like eyebrows! I recommend filling your brows in the way you want them and then pluck around the unruly hairs, so then you know which eyebrow shape you want and which hairs are good for the shape, and which ones are a bit sparse.

If you have natural, big eyebrows, just tidy them up. Over-plucked eyebrows aren’t that great, and when they start to grow through loads it look super obvious.

If you are stuck trying to find the perfect shape eyebrow for you, go to a professional! Even if you get them waxed once, you can then see which shape the technician waxed for you, so then you can simply pluck them hairs away when they start to grow back and will stay in perfect shape! Trust me, they’re professionals for a reason.

3- Use Light Strokes!

The key to getting the right brow is to make it look as natural as can be! Honestly, you do not want to look like the first picture, I used to use a really dark pencil shade and would use so much pressure when applying the product, which is WRONG and naughty.

Instead, if you find it easier, use a makeup brush, apply a tiny bit of product and start really light. Use short strokes to mimic actual hairs and build the product up to as much as you desire.

It’s better to start off with less and then keep applying more, instead of putting tons on and then trying to brush it out.

4 – Find the Right Product!

As you can see from the first picture, I clearly was using a shade about 4 shades darker than my actual hair colour. For some this can look good, but because my brow is all the same colour, it looks completely false.

Once you’ve found your perfect shade that matches your hair colour, start off with less product at the beginning on the brow for a more natural look, and then make it a tad darker in the tail.

Also, the type of product best is completely personal preference. My favourite eyebrow products are either ABH Dip Brow Pomade in Medium Brown, or Rimmel London Brow This Way, which have quite thick consistencies, but glide beautifully on the brow!IMG_0894img_5421


5- Follow Your Natural Brow Shape!

Your eyebrow has a natural shape that if you follow, will be a lot easier to apply product and will look really natural.

I used to overdraw my eyebrows so much and you could clearly see where my brow finished and started and it looked quite ridiculous.

Instead, I prefer to start off with the tail of my brow, and build that up, following my eyebrow where my natural arch should peak which is normally just above the corner of your eye, and then determine where your brow will end. You want your eyebrow to frame your eye, and keep gently follow your natural brow line until the end. Then with the remaining product, use it to fill in the beginning of your brow for a natural finish.

I still fill them in slightly over the natural hairs over the top, but now I use less pressure and build upon the product it looks so much more natural and not as crazy!

Here are just some tips i’ve found that have helped me create a better brow! Have you got any more?

Much Love,

Ellen Grace X


I know what you’re thinking, surely having long hair isn’t that much aggravation? Well think again, its not all sassy hair-swishing and cute hairstyles…

Truth Number 1: Washing it takes an age

When you have long hair, you dread washing it. The thought of using about half a tub of shampoo and conditioner just to reach the ends of your hair saddens you (and gives you arm ache). Then, just when you think it’s over, you realise you have to spend another 20 minutes drying it!

There’s nothing more tedious than standing in the same spot and just waving a hairdryer in your face constantly. Why not air-dry it you say? Well if you still want to have sopping wet hair when you wake up then, sure!

Truth Number 2: Putting bags on your shoulders are never the same

You get up to leave, you go to put your bag on your shoulder, and then you realise half of your hair is stuck underneath the strap.

You then continue to do a funny shoulder-head dance to quickly move your hair and stop it from pulling on your scalp. As i’m sure you can imagine, it’s super sexy 😉

Truth Number 3: The ends of your hair will get messy

The amount of times i’ve been on nights out, looked down only to find the ends of my hair in a an alcoholic pile of goodness-knows-what. Trust me, it’s not a great look, and it leaves my hair in one massive clump of stickiness!

 Truth Number 4: Your drains will get blocked 

We all know what it’s like, you’re in the midst of washing your hair, strands after strands of hair starts to come out and lock to your fingers, well when you have crazy long hair, it gradually turns to clumps after clumps of hair coming out, which is both kind of worrying but also oddly satisfying.

Only to then realise a few minutes later that the copious amounts of fluff balls that have exited the shower/bath have only been clogged in the plug for the past 5 months. Ahh, that explains why it takes forever for the bath/shower to drain.

Truth Number 5: Brushing your hair makes you want to cry

I personally only brush my hair once a day, as it is such a long process and can be painful! However, I still dread this one time of day. Especially when its been down all day, been attacked by the wind twice, has some reminiscence of food left in it and is super knotty.

I have to brush the same parts like fives time over just to ensure my hair is tangle-free, and I can finally run my hands through my hair without hitting a knot and pulling my head.

However, this only lasts for a couple of minutes. As the next time you try and stroke your hair, its somehow intertwined and knotty already! But how? I’ve been sat in the same spot and haven’t moved? How is that possible for hair to get tangled to nothing?

It sounds like torture doesn’t it? Its not all that bad, at least it keeps me warm during the winter!

What’s your favourite/worst thing about long hair?


From one long-haired gal, to you!

Much Love,

Ellen Grace X