Over the past few months I have been conjuring up a decent lip collection (finally!), full of lipsticks, glosses and lacquers which I love and wear on a day-to-day basis. However, a couple of the shades I branch out and reach for if I was going to a special event or occasion if they’re on the more daring side!

Firstly lipsticks; I have four in my favourites, three of them are Mac, and one Rimmel London Kate Moss. All of which I adore for different reasons.


Firstly, ‘Shanghai Spice’ which is my favourite nude shade of all my favourites (ha!) as the cremesheen formula glides onto my lips perfectly and keeps them feeling really moisturised and nourished. However, I particularly love this shade as it has slight peachy tones in it which is great as it makes my face look more vibrant and alive. This product is great as it is obvious that you have something on your lips, but it doesn’t look too dramatic as it is a shimmery nude shade, which is great for an everyday look.

I have only recently bought Mac’s Matte ‘Ruby Woo’, however I have been loving it. This is one of the first matte lipsticks that I have tried out due to my apprehensive and incorrect preconceptions that a matte lipstick would completely dry out my lips and make them look really wrinkly and gross… and boy I can say I was so wrong! This lipstick is a lovely deep red which in fact actually nourishes my lips, despite it being matte. However, one slight problem with this lipstick is that due to its strong pigmentation, if you smudge it or apply it in a rush and get some product around your mouth it does stain it a bit, meaning I had a slight red line down my cupids bow the first time I applied it, (not a good look!). So would recommend using a lip liner before applying the product for those who aren’t comfortable or used to applying deep reds. Apart from that, this lipstick is amazing and love wearing it on nights out to make my make up stand out that little bit more.

Mac’s ‘Sunny Seoul’ was the first Mac lipsticks I ever bought, and it had me hooked right from the beginning! This is such a pretty nude, with more of a pink tone running through it which looks so pretty to wear on a summer’s day! It is also super shimmery which makes it look all the more lovely. The formula is very smooth and applies really easily to the lips due to the moisturising nature of the lipstick. Throughout the summer this was definitely my ‘GO TO’ lipstick. I will definitely be purchasing another one!

Last but not least for my favourite lipsticks is the Kate Moss lipstick in ‘110’. This matte coral shade is beautiful to wear as it really makes my face look more vibrant. It is really easy to wear which is great, however I do tend to wear it more on a special occasion as it is very bright, I personally think it is a bit too dramatic for a day-to-day lipstick. However, I love it all the same. It also tastes and smells amazing which is an added bonus!


Now onto Lip glosses and Lacquers which I have quite recently discovered and been loving. Lacquers are great and so easy to apply due to the wand being able to reach all the nooks and crannies. Plus, I love how it stains your lips slightly as it means hints of the colour stays on throughout the day, which makes it look like you’ve put more effort into your make up then perhaps you might have actually done – winning!



Soap&Glory Sexy Mother Pucker

The Soap&Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Lacquer is just amazing. It is a shimmery deep raspberry pink with very slight brown undertones which makes it look so unique and beautiful. I wear this all the time as it’s so easy to apply with the fluffy wand, and the durability of it is good. I would normally have to reapply it a couple of times if I were on a night out, which isn’t too bad for the price of the product. However, this lacquer definitely does stain my lips and makes it appear as if I have product on there even after it has all been smudged off. This is supposed to make your lips appear more plump, i’m not entirely sure it does that. But who cares when the colour itself is so good? However, one criticism about this is that the formula is quite thick so I find I apply the product to my lips with the wand and then use my finger to blend it in a bit to smudge out harsh lines and blotches. But this only takes a few seconds so I don’t see that as a major disadvantage.


17 Ultimate Volume

The 17 ‘Ultimate Volume’ lipgloss is an amazing lipgloss for an everyday look. It is a very light pink/purple shade which takes seconds to apply due to its easy application wand and colour, and lasts a really long time. I love using it as it just brightens up my face completely and just makes me look more vibrant due to it’s shimmery formula, and makes it look like i’ve put loads of time into my make up, when in fact i’ve just whacked this on my lips in no time at all. All in all I love this lipgloss and use it pretty much daily!


Rimmel London Show Off in 300 Out of this World

I have only had the Rimmel London Show Off Lip Lacquer in ‘300 Out of this World’ for a couple of weeks, and I have been obsessed with it since the moment the wand touched my lips. The colour is a beautiful shimmery cherry red, that looks amazing on. Granted, lacquers are supposed to stain your lips, however this one really does and its durability is amazing. The wand is also perfect as the sponge is slightly domed meaning it can reach my lips so easily that it takes application seconds!


Soap&Glory left, 17 middle, Rimmel London right

What are your favourite lip products? Do you have any shades that you’d recommend?

Much Love,

Ellen Grace X


Eyebrows can be tricky to get right. I know how it goes, one of them looks perfect. Like if they were a person, they’d be someone who wakes up at 7am every morning and goes for runs and eats smoothies. Then you do the other one… which looks as though it represents someone who gets up at noon and slobs around all day and looks a shambles. I know the feeling too.

After years of having such mediocre slugs across my face, i’ve realised there’s a knack to eyebrows, which I wish someone told me all those years ago.

So, let me take you back to where it all started.. back in 2015, when I was a naive young girl who thought drawing on your eyebrows just meant finding the darkest product possible and using as much product to make them really stand out was a great idea. Well I was most definitely wrong. Here’s a snippet of what I looked like (yes I did used to go out in public like this) –


But here are my current brows..


I don’t know about you but I see a major improvement in the second picture! Here are my steps to how I’ve improved my eyebrows:

1- Brush Them Brows!

Brushing your brows is so important! Spooley brushes are very inexpensive, and are great for using to determine your eyebrow shape. They also help to determine where your brow begins, the arch, and where they finish if you are a beginner and aren’t sure where to fill them in.

With spooley brushes, they can create an unruly, messy brow look which can look really great, or they can be used to tame your wild brows for a more casual look, which can also look just as pretty.

I also use spooley brushes after i’ve applied product in them to distribute the product and make it look more natural.


That’s right, get some decent tweezers and pluck hairs that look a bit messy. This does not necessarily mean plucking every single hair under your eyebrow so that it leaves you with tiny eyebrows. Sometimes plucking less is more. Trust me. You do not want really thing, sperm-like eyebrows! I recommend filling your brows in the way you want them and then pluck around the unruly hairs, so then you know which eyebrow shape you want and which hairs are good for the shape, and which ones are a bit sparse.

If you have natural, big eyebrows, just tidy them up. Over-plucked eyebrows aren’t that great, and when they start to grow through loads it look super obvious.

If you are stuck trying to find the perfect shape eyebrow for you, go to a professional! Even if you get them waxed once, you can then see which shape the technician waxed for you, so then you can simply pluck them hairs away when they start to grow back and will stay in perfect shape! Trust me, they’re professionals for a reason.

3- Use Light Strokes!

The key to getting the right brow is to make it look as natural as can be! Honestly, you do not want to look like the first picture, I used to use a really dark pencil shade and would use so much pressure when applying the product, which is WRONG and naughty.

Instead, if you find it easier, use a makeup brush, apply a tiny bit of product and start really light. Use short strokes to mimic actual hairs and build the product up to as much as you desire.

It’s better to start off with less and then keep applying more, instead of putting tons on and then trying to brush it out.

4 – Find the Right Product!

As you can see from the first picture, I clearly was using a shade about 4 shades darker than my actual hair colour. For some this can look good, but because my brow is all the same colour, it looks completely false.

Once you’ve found your perfect shade that matches your hair colour, start off with less product at the beginning on the brow for a more natural look, and then make it a tad darker in the tail.

Also, the type of product best is completely personal preference. My favourite eyebrow products are either ABH Dip Brow Pomade in Medium Brown, or Rimmel London Brow This Way, which have quite thick consistencies, but glide beautifully on the brow!IMG_0894img_5421


5- Follow Your Natural Brow Shape!

Your eyebrow has a natural shape that if you follow, will be a lot easier to apply product and will look really natural.

I used to overdraw my eyebrows so much and you could clearly see where my brow finished and started and it looked quite ridiculous.

Instead, I prefer to start off with the tail of my brow, and build that up, following my eyebrow where my natural arch should peak which is normally just above the corner of your eye, and then determine where your brow will end. You want your eyebrow to frame your eye, and keep gently follow your natural brow line until the end. Then with the remaining product, use it to fill in the beginning of your brow for a natural finish.

I still fill them in slightly over the natural hairs over the top, but now I use less pressure and build upon the product it looks so much more natural and not as crazy!

Here are just some tips i’ve found that have helped me create a better brow! Have you got any more?

Much Love,

Ellen Grace X


I have such a love/hate relationship with my eyebrows. Mine are uneven, little thin slugs that are impossible to make look reasonably good. However, in my opinion eyebrows are one of the most crucial things to get right as they can completely change the whole structure of your face, so because of that, my eyebrows are very important in my make up routine. So, here are my top three favourite brow products that I equally love and use for different reasons.

Number 1, Smashbox Brow Tech Matte Pencil in ‘Taupe’

I’ve only had this product for a couple of months but I have loved it from the moment it hit my brows. It has a lovely smooth formula which means the product glides on perfectly to my brows. Albeit the colour is perhaps a shade too light for my eyebrows, but it still is a great product! I love how I can slightly overdraw my brows and it doesn’t look fake either. I also really enjoy that you can twizzle the product up as opposed to sharpening pencils because I never bother doing that and the end just becomes all short and blunt, (laziness at its prime!) With the other side of the pencil being a spooly brush which means you can brush through your eyebrows at the beginning to get the exact shape, and after to comb out any harsh lines and make them look more natural.


However, the one downside to the product is that the actual stick of the pencil is very thin, so when I apply the product it can sometimes fall off and crumble in my hand which can be very annoying. Also, due to the small pencil it can be quite fiddly to hold sometimes and to twizzle up, I personally prefer a larger stick. (That sounds weird). But all in all I really do enjoy this pencil, retailing at a reasonable £16.50.


Secondly is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade in ‘Medium Brown’

At first, I had a love/hate relationship with this product because it’s quite hard to get a hang of and I’m really impatient with trying out products as if it doesn’t work or look good the first time I wear it, then I probably won’t wear it again. However, I am so glad I stuck the dipbrow out as now it’s a must-have in my make up collection. It’s a gel formula so to apply the product I use the Zoeva 322 Brow Line brush which is great for easy application due to its angled brush.


Another added bonus with this product is that a little goes a long way which is great as it does cost £15, so won’t need to buy a new one for a long time! However, this was one of my major problems when I first started out, that I used to put way too much product on my brush and my brows would end up like black lines across my face, (not a good look!) A little dap in the pomade will pretty much do my whole brow, which is great as it means this product will last a really long time. I just hope it stays the same consistency and doesn’t dry up with age. However, all in all I genuinely love this product and use it most days. The days when I don’t wear it is if i’m in a rush as it does take that extra few minutes to apply and perfect, so tend to go for a pencil instead.


Nah definitely not pouting here;)

The only downside to the dip brow is that, for me, it’s quite a heavy product and gives a more dramatic look. So if you want your brows to look really natural then i’d advise going for a pencil, or using a minuscule amount of the product as it is thick.


Thirdly is the Soap&Glory Archery Brown Tint & Precision Shaping Pencil in ‘Brownie Points’

This eyebrow pencil was one of the first I had ever bought a few years ago and essentially got me into filling in my brows everyday! I find this product great to put on if you’re in a rush as it takes no time at all and gives a great natural look due to the double-ended pen, with one side being a waxy pencil that is great as it glides on perfectly without the feeling of it pulling which helps for great application. I mainly use the waxy pencil for filling in the front of the brow, and the other end a little felt tip pen which is great for filling in them sparse hairs and gives the brows a lot more coverage.


One of the many reasons why I love this brow pencil is because the product itself does not budge. Once it’s on the brows it’s their all day which I love as I don’t have to worry about my eyebrows being on my cheeks, (what an image lol). Plus, the actual pencil itself is of a good size too which means holding the pencil is great for precision due to its chunky style. Plus, this product is very affordable too, coming in at a very modest £10! I’ve gone through several of these pencils and each time I use it, it keeps getting better and better. Definitely would recommend for someone starting out in filling in their brows simply due to the quick and easy application.


This is me with the product on 🙂

What do you wear regularly on your eyebrows? Do you have any suggestions on new products to try?

Much love,

Ellen Grace X